“Kick the damn door in.”

You know how you’ll sometimes look at sucessful people, and wonder how they got to where they are?

I’m not talking about pop singers who struck it big by strutting their stuff on X-Factor or by marrying some posh football player, but those who worked themselves up.

To me, it’s always a mystery how things fall together for these people. Sometimes people ask them for advice, and they’ll say something generic like NEVER GIVE UP!. You’ll walk away with a good quote, but still not really sure what they specifically had to do, or had to go through to get to where they can dispense lines like that.

I then came across this a while ago: Life Lessons.

It’s an article by Andy Rutledge, who is apparently some big web designer.

To be honest, I’ve never heard of him. But he has a page called Life Lessons, and I read it. I know, I’m such a sucker for articles like that.

Here’s an excerpt:

Dare to ask for what you want. It’s the only way to get it, unless you’re the sort to leave things to fate. But fate is not kind and doesn’t suffer fools. If you want to do something, do it. Your alternative is to live with regret and regret makes a poor life partner.

That is good quotable advice. But to me it’s not enough. I want to know how he used his own advice. What did he do?

Later, I had the idea to pitch a deal to the top national print publication for the hobby. I thought that it might be appetizing to them to acquire an online publication, complete with editor/webmaster and subscribers, to add value to their print efforts. It was a vain idea that, on further reflection, seems beyond my ability to pull off. I was just some guy with a website. Surely, they’d laugh me off for even suggesting they bring me into the fold to run their online effort.

I almost talked myself out of contacting them about it, but finally gathered my courage and made a phone call. Less than a week later I was employed full-time and working for a prestigious publication, doing what I really enjoyed. All because I asked for what I wanted.

Because of what he wrote, his success sounds more tangible to me than someone just telling me to JUST DO IT!.

By being able to read his story, you grasp the essence of his parting words better. And you end up feeling what you want to acheive isn’t all that inacessible afterall.

I suggest you read it.


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