Where HP Sauce comes from

London Eye

Nasty thinks he’s a genius for taking this photo, but I remind him that it’s just ONE good photo out of the many others I’ve taken. Plus, it’s my camera and I set the exposure and aperture and all that. So there. ;)

Somerset House

For a lack of other ideas, we tried to go ice skating at the outdoor rink at the Somerset House where they were having “late-night skating by torch-light” at 11pm. But after we got there, we found out that they’ve sold out all their tickets!

I consoled myself by saying that the “torch-light” thing is a scam and they played tacky music. So there.


Instead, in a stroke of genius, we jumped on a TFL (Transport for London) boat that runs up and down the Thames (much like those public transport boats that run along the Chao Praya river in Bangkok) and took a £5 ride from the Somerset House to the Tower of London.

Visitors to London, if you are here, ditch those expensive touristy boat cruises of the Thames. Jump on a TFL boat and it’ll take you all the way down to Greenwich, passing by all of the major landmarks of London (all those that I recognize anyways)! It’s not expensive, it’s fast, and you can choose to sit inside or stand outside at the back watching yourself pass under some of the most famous bridges in the world. A must do!

You know that red-lighted bridge in the background? That’s the London Bridge. It’s so lame (compared to other bridges in the city) even Nasty wouldn’t believe me until I pointed out a sign on one of the support columns….

Parliament House

That’s the House of Parliament and the Big Ben.

Guess what the “HP” in HP Sauce stands for.


5 thoughts on “Where HP Sauce comes from

  1. Oh thank you Sarah!

    You hear that Nasty? Sarah likes the last one the best. The one *I* took! Ha! Beat that! :P

    Yes, so go on the boats at night. They run pretty late and the operators are very friendly and helpful. The night we went on, the boat was almost empty save for the few people on board.

    Also, note to ignore the flashing signs that says services are finished/done or whatever. The timetables says there are boats. But the flashing sign says no. So we hung around taking photos, when the boat appeared. So, yeah, they DO still run! Ignore the stupid signs!

  2. fun pictures!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog- we must share a lot of the same roller coaster emotions that come with living abroad! unfortunately my year is coming to an end, but i hope you fully enjoy yours. it will be unforgettable even though some moments will be difficult- don’t let it get to you, just make as many friends as you can, and appreciate every single moment. have fun xx

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