Blue men at the market

On our way to Borough Market the other day, we came across 3 dudes dangling off the side of a building.

Blue Man Group 1

I said, “Look! Blue spidermen! They DO exist!”

Blue Man Group 2

Gosh, and they are SO adept in climbing that they can even play music while doing it! It’s amazing!

Nasty says it’s the Blue Man Group. A music/performing arts troupe apparently.

Borough Market

This is the only picture I took at Borough Market because it was the coldest day I’ve experienced here and taking my hands out of my gloves and pockets is the last thing I wanted to do.

Borough Market is where fancy people shop for ordinary but fancy goods at very fancy prices. I think Jamie Oliver started shopping there first, pioneering “buy organic!” and “support your local farmers!” and “buy British goods!”.

Nasty bought some bell peppers and tomatoes. I told him to put them back and “let’s go to Tesco!” but he wouldn’t listen. He cried as he handed some £7 over just for some veggies.

It was very busy and lively on the Saturday we went. Lots of fresh farm produce, from organic garden veggies to organic cheeses, bread and pastry to organic carcasses of meat and tofu. And did I say they’re organic? Absolutely healthy and great – if you can afford it.

Most of all, there were lots and lots of cooked food stalls ranging from vegetarian lentil curry to hot dogs to Thai curry and lamb stew to Greek barbequed meats. Mmmm….


Speaking of Jamie Oliver, here he is at the Tube, with Gordon Ramsay.

And that guy in the middle?

No idea. Some random stranger on the Tube.


3 thoughts on “Blue men at the market

  1. That can’t be J. Oliver in that pic! He just doesn’t look like him at all! Dora, you must start pulling your hands out of your mittens and take some more photos! You clearly have the eyes for it!!! :) London has some amazing lights in the winter on a sunny day, hope you have a fair share of that too! (I wanna go back to London! Your blog is making me sooo nostalgic! :))

    • It IS Jamie! I couldn’t believe it too coz he looks so gruffy and dirty in it! I’ll try and post a better photo next time….

      Lights in the winter on a sunny day? What do you mean? As in how the sunlight falls on things? Or lights on buildings? Hmmm…

      Yeah, now that it’s a bit warmer, I’m more keen to let my hands see some daylight….talking about that, I wonder if I’ve gotten more pale since I got here…

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