Bedroom window

On Monday, I was still snuggly warm in bed in the Nasty family home when Nasty woke me up to tell me, “It snowed last night!”


I probably had the biggest grin ever. It was like Christmas morning all over again!


I haven’t seen snow since I was 9 years old!


Everything ordinary became beautiful again…


…but the cats spoiled my photo of the garden! Note their paw prints at the bottom of the photo.

As the day went on, they continued to create more Snow Art.


I tried to capture the snow actually falling…and this is the best I can do.

Nasty told me that if it continues to fall, we can go sledging the next day!

They melted in the late afternoon. Hmpf.


4 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Well said Medio!

    And yes Doreen, if you are diving in Sipadan, forget about snow – it’s not worth leaving a tropical island for. Hahaha….

    But saying that, Nasty is a ski-freak. He’ll choose a skiing holiday over ANYTHING, while all I dream of is a beach holiday….

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