Oxford vibes


Over the weekend, we ventured up to Oxford…

Headless deer?

…and found ourselves some headless…deers?!

For some reason, I thought they were cows, coz I couldn’t contemplate what other animal they could be…

Jamie's Italian - window

Shuffling down the street, we found ourselves looking at a restaurant called “Jamie’s Italian”.

Jamie Oliver’s restaurant!

To be honest, it looks totally unremarkable outside, and we weren’t even planning on eating. But we fell victim to celebrity branding…

Jamie's Italian - bar

…and spent 25 minutes at the bar waiting for a table.

Jamie's Italian 1

The bar overlooks the ground floor of the restaurant. A spiral staircase at the end takes you down to more tables in the basement and an open kitchen. In retrospect, the space is big, but because it’s so popular and busy, loads of tables are put in, creating a slightly crammed, but lively atmosphere.


We each had an antipasto of cured meats, cheese and olives, and also a pasta each.

Sounds boring? But believe me, this antipasto plate is pure absolute heaven. Best I’ve ever ever had.

I’m usually wary of having Italian food in restaurants, as a lot of the times, no matter how posh they try to make them, pasta is always just pasta.

Yes, the pasta was great (though I thought a bit heavy) –  but this? This platter of top-notch Italian meat? Oh  –   my   – gosh.

Jamie's Italian - Cute guy?!

We had a table in the basement. For a celebrity restaurant, and for such good food, the whole place was very un-posh-ly decorated, very down-to-earth.

Prices are very reasonable too! Our meal for 2, plus drinks, came up to about £36, which is a whole lot cheaper than many of those random no-name restaurants dotted around London.


Oxford is a great walking/cycling town. Flat, and everything accessible within a short distance.


It’s small enough for you to be able to get almost anywhere within a short time, yet large enough for you to explore and not get bored.


Ancient architecture, small town vibe. Museums and sights abound. Independent bookstores, sporting goods stores, little boutiques.


At the same time, it’s got that big city buzz going on on the main streets, with most big brands and stores available. (No, this is not the main street. Unfortunately, I was too busy shopping to take pictures…)


I’d say you get the best of both worlds here. Explore the main streets for some buzz…


…or stroll through back alleys and sit in ancient churches to absorb the old town atmosphere.

Definitely a good place to be.


4 thoughts on “Oxford vibes

  1. I love your travel blogs :) I used to watch Jamie’s show “The Naked Chef” back in the day and was obsessed :P I’ve never been to Oxford before, but I have been to Cambridge and they had a great vibe similar to that. I’ve never seen so many bicycles in my life as I did in that place!

  2. As yes….Cambridge is definitely on my list of places to visit!

    Yeah, I loved Jamie, and I think I like him more when he first got started…but he just seems to be getting a bit too big for me now….

    By the way, have you seen his magazine? He just launched his own magazine…first issue this month! I flipped through it and it looks like most of it is pictures of food…heheh…but what else could you expect from Jamie right?!

    Anyways, yeah, go to Oxford! ;)

  3. Oxford is great but there is a more special corner for Cambridge in my heart. I lived there for a year you see, no, not as a top student but as the bottom of the pile au-pair, but still, those were the times…
    Jamie’s restaurant sounds fab, and that platter of ham…. yummmmy!!

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