At Finchley Road. 2009

About 2 hours or so into 2009, we came across at impromptu party at the Moorgate tube station to the tune of I Shot the Sheriff.

New Year's Day 1

New Year’s Eve. House party. We threw sticks and stones to get the doors open. Poured me some coke and rum. Ugh. Chucked it to Nasty. Indulged in some beer and vodka instead. Michael Jackson played Billie Jean. Ace of Base sang All That She Wants.

New Year's day 2

I chatted with a guy who is planning to move to Hong Kong in the summer.


His girlfriend is there.

Gees. The things people do.

New Year's Day 3

At the stroke of midnight, everyone pulled their cracker-confetti thingies, cheered, exchanged kisses, held hands and mumbled-jumbled to the Aund Lang Syne.


I was hungry. Went to the kitchen to find some more Thai Sweet Chili crisps.


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