and so it is

When every day seems the same,
it is because we have stopped noticing
the good things that appear in our lives.

– The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Clicking through photos on Facebook, I see house parties in tiny Hong Kong flats; I see Christmases at Hong Kong Disneyland.

I remember the generic conformity of the way many people dress in HK. I remember the skinny nerdy boys I saw too much of.

If anything, Facebook made me realize how thankful I am being able to be here, and not in Hong Kong, and how special everything has been so far.

Once away from a place, especially home, you forget all that you hated about it. Nostalgia sets in, and it suddenly becomes the best place on Earth.

I am writing this on a very comfy chair, right next to the Christmas tree, in front of a real burning fireplace. Really, I never imagined this would happen, and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

What do people do on the last day of the year?
Reflect on the year past?
So much has happened and so much has changed.

Resolutions for the new year?
Seeing what has happened in 2008, any resolutions I once had have all been thrown out the window.

I’m here, and I’m glad I’m here.

Happy New Year.


2 thoughts on “and so it is

  1. Oh my gosh…did I really sound that bad?! I never realized….

    To be honest, I’ve been quite depressed before Christmas…frustrated with everything in general….so Christmas has been a much-needed breather…

    Hope things will start looking up soon!

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