Mudchute Farm

Mudchute Farm 1

I know of several city farms in London – yes, located in the middle of a city! – and the Mudchute Farm is one of them. It’s located near Canary Wharf, which is that cluster of buildings in the background, London’s nouvelle financial and banking district….and voila, a flock of sheep just there!

Entry is free (like most things I do these days), and you are free to roam all over the place, chasing/petting sheep as you like. But I must say, the sheep are not too fond of petting. They’re very skilled at nonchalantly just strolling away from you, keeping just out of reach of arm’s length…annoyingly smart!

Mudchute Farm 2

Aside from the large grassy fields, the farm has numerous penned in areas holding many different animals. Children are apparently not one of them.


Crazy chicken with furry legs.

Also, if you do come for a visit, wear some wellies or shoes you don’t care much about, because the whole place is just mushy mud!

Three goats

Seriously, these three goats just stood there, like that, very very still just looking straight at me, not moving an inch. The two on the right eventually moved and walked about, but that dude on the left really just stood ramrod straight for the entire time I was there. He didn’t even move when Nasty petted him.

Maybe it’s one of the fake exhibits on the farm?!Lhamas

These lhamas are total idiots – look at their faces!! Haha! Here they are chewing on some carrots this other couple brought along (eventhough signs says we’re not supposed to feed the animals). They remind me so much of Tina in Napoleon Dynamite.


These two cows weren’t very happy. They were so huge I was a bit scared they might charge out of the barriers…


This pig is an idiot as well. When they realized we were there, they kept honking and coming towards us…and once they’re next to us and we’re petting them, they stop honking! They’re so adorable!


Check this out. What do you see? A chicken with an afro in the foreground….oblivious to the squirrel stealing their food in the middle!

Horse face

You can also do horse riding at the farm, and the stables is just as accessable. I don’t know why, but all of the horses wanted to chew on my fingers…


I think he’s looking into the camera….is he?


Behind the stables are numerous enclosures for smaller animals, such as ducks, different types of birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, geese, etc.

The great thing about the farm is that it is very open and accessible, you are free to pet all the animals you can get your hands on, you are free to romp around as you wish, there is basically no one watching over your shoulder and it all makes for a great experience!

After the ducks, Nasty and I headed to the Mudchute Kitchen…and where there is food, my hands do not care about the camera. :)


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