Greenwich (Part II) – the Chapel and the Queen’s House

Chapel 1

So, as a continuation from yesterday…the other old beautiful building at the Old Royal Naval College at Greenwich that is open to the public is the Chapel.

Beautiful gold ceiling and black and white marble floor…

Chapel 2

The Chapel is apparently decorated with naval themes…such as the ropey patterns on the marble floor (which is supposed to be the same width as the rope of the anchor of some actual ship), and certain motifs associated with seamen throughout the building.

The great thing about visiting these buildings is that they provide laminated cards that you can pick up for free at the entrances which describe the history and decoration of the particular building. So that instead of walking through them going “ah, that’s quite nice” and remain clueless, you can read through the details, match them to things you see and actually pick up details you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed.

Oh, have I mentioned that it’s free to visit all these places?!

Queen's House 1

At the edge of Greenwich Park, a short distance from the National Maritime Museum is the Queen’s House. Originally built for Queen Anne in the 1600s, it was never actually lived in by the Queen and was hardly ever used.

To me, it doesn’t look very royal and grand at all from the outside, but apparently, it’s style and everything was considered very revolutionary in its days and is one of the most important architectures in British history.

Queen's House 2

The house is now basically empty, with displays of old paintings hung in various rooms.

However, I doubt anyone would want to go there to admire the paintings…..but the marble floor…

Queen's House 3

Tulip Staircase

….and the Tulip Staircase is probably what most people go for.

Staircase 1

It is apparently the first centrally unsupported spiral staircase built in England.

Staircase 2

And as I walk through the house, snapping photos; walking slowly down the stairs, admiring it, and snapping photos….I came to the bottom of the stairs to find this:



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