Greenwich (Part I) – Painted Hall

I’ve been sick since the beginning of the week and it doesn’t seem to be letting up.

In order to take my mind off things, my body out of my room, and to get some fresh air, I went down to Greenwich on Tuesday afternoon.

Tunnel Entrance

Ever wonder what it’s like under the Thames?

At Cutty Sark, by the Thames, is a pedestrian tunnel that goes from one side to the other, underneath the river. That’s the tunnel entrance.

Under the Thames

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what it looks like underneath the river. Not impressive, I know,  but somehow, I found it cosy and “safe” and I actually quite liked it…


Man about to use a toilet by the tunnel. I was in one for the first time a few weeks ago, and I must say it’s quite an experience. I would actually recommend anyone here to try it at least once! Apparently, after each use, the thing closes down and sprays itself clean. Almost very unfortunately for me, I jumped in just as someone was coming out, and if not for an old man hollering for me to get out before it locks down and starts spraying, I would’ve been soaked in there!

And the exciting bit? You go in there, it’s quite spacious, and you try to orient yourself, find out where what things are…and as you sit down to do your job, you notice this big sign on the inside of the door saying that it will pop open automatically after 20 minutes.

That’s how you get an adrenaline rush peeing.

Toilet Drawing

A funny piece of art on the outer wall of the toilet. I won’t be surprised if my mom has similar thoughts.

University of Greenwich

On the grounds of the University of Greenwich are two buildings that originally belonged to the Old Royal Naval College. The College was actually a hospital and hospice to care for seamen injured at war and the buildings are one of the only extensively decorated buildings used for public purposes instead of for personal glorification.

Painted Hall 1

One of the buildings, the Painted Hall, was originally a dining hall for the naval seamen and is still used on special occasions today.

Painted Hall 2

For a dining hall of a hospital, it is indeed very grand and impressive.

The last hospital dining room I was in had bland white walls, orange plastic chairs and smelled of broiled cabbage…

Painted Hall 5

With original painted walls and ceilings, tall windows, big grassy fields outside, and the overwhelming amount of history inside…

Painted Hall 6

…it is not actually that expensive if you want to dine there. I looked through some brochures and there are activities and events from kiddie tours with lemonade and snacks to black-tie dinner parties and things like that that cost from just £12 to £100.

Cookies and lemonade? That’s still “dining” right?!


2 thoughts on “Greenwich (Part I) – Painted Hall

  1. Damn, that hospital is nice! Why is it most hospitals smell like cabbage or broccoli?!

    I have this fear of public bathrooms. Like… I fear I may get locked in there somehow (not realizing it unlocks after 20 minutes), so I haven’t tried one of those outdoor toilets like that before, haha. You are much braver than I am, Dora :P

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