South Bank – Thames Path

In my quest to find something to do at night in London, I found this walk on the Thames Path on the South Bank: a walk from Southwark  to Tower Bridge.

South Bank

View from the South Bank: that thin line of light across the river is the Millenium Bridge (I know, absolutely unimpressive for its name) and on the left, north of the river, is St. Paul’s Cathedral.

London Bridge

Southwark Bridge. (We actually thought this was the London Bridge when we were there…I only realize it’s not when I looked it up!)


These are apparently some top goverment offices of some form. I forgot what they’re called, but I call that building on the left the Egg, and that small pretend-stand-alone-stone in its foreground the Little Egg.

Tower Bridge at night

This is an over-exposed Tower Bridge. Contrary to popular misconceptions, this is not the London Bridge. As a matter of fact, the London Bridge looks so lame and insignificant that we walked by it and totally disregarded it!

A great walk to take in the sights, great views along the way, passing by places such as Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern, and clusters of nice pubs and restaurant.

Right, now I need to find another night activity…

2 thoughts on “South Bank – Thames Path

  1. Ohhh, I’m definitely going to walk along there one night! Looks really pretty :) Did you know that the older London Bridge is actually in Arizona? It was sold to the United States back in the 1960’s when it fell into desrepair

    • Yeah I know! I still find it hard to believe how a city can just sell of one of it’s structures…

      There’s this rumor that the guy who bought the bridge bought it because he thought it was the Tower Bridge….I looked it up on Wiki (where else…) and the guy denied it in an interview….hmmm….well, not like anyone would want to admit to THAT! But what the heck, I do find it hard to believe anyone forking out such a huge sum and not knowing what exactly he’s buying!

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