Frost in Shrewsbury

Frosted grass

I don’t remember if I’ve seen so much frost before.

Nasty and I spent the weekend in Shrewsbury, a 3 hour train ride west of London, near the border with Wales, to visit his uncle and aunt.

Train to Shrewsbury

Well, more like 4 hours since the train half-broke down and had to stop and re-route and everything. Ah. The joys of British transport.

Frost, field, trees, sun

The scenery was absolutely beautiful. They live outside of the town, where it’s just farmland, big fields and gentle rolling hills.


This, people, is their BACK YARD.

Ok, it’s their field, and it’s actually at the front of the house. So I guess that technically makes it their FRONT YARD.

Frost on field

It was something like minus 2 degrees….and the white frost on the grass, trees, and fences make everything all that more beautiful.

Bee on fence

Frosted bee on the fence to the field. At the end of the field is a couple of boxes of bee colonies, which at times can contain up to 80,000 bees! The aunty is a hobby beekeeper, with full bee suit and everything and her honey’s won first prize in a competition. Things like this make you realize there is so much out there that you don’t know. People actually keep bees for fun! There is this whole technical side to keeping bees: harvesting honey; colonies and queens; getting through the winter; flowering plants; and even exams and qualifications leading to the title of Master BeeKeeper!


Aside from bees, we also saw ponies, cows, and sheep. Another great reason to get out of London…the crisp clear air, the change of scenery, a slower way of life.

Actually, this is probably more like what I’d envisioned for myself when the thought “moving to England” comes to mind…

Black cat

No lack of animals indoors either. This is a black cat. Duh.

Mop of Dare

This is a mop.

Dare on floor

A mop with a face.

Dare's ass

The mop moves!


Bad hair day huh?

Dare walking

Instead of being an Afghan, I still believe this is a human in a shaggy mop costume…


5 thoughts on “Frost in Shrewsbury

  1. Yes…and it would’ve been more beautiful if I could actually feel my toes taking those pictures…I was so cold I couldn’t wait to get back inside!

    And yes, The Mop is awesome! He’ll come and bury his head in you, pushing and pushing for you to cuddle him! Awwww….

  2. That’s so beautiful! His aunt and uncle are really lucky to live on the land like that. When I pictured moving to England, I kept envisioning green hills and all that jazz too. I like that you took pics of the frost.. I actually did the same thing the other day walking around my campus, haha

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