90% of the Sweet and Sour Menu Should Not Exist. Period.

This is THE sorriest excuse for Chinese food I have ever come across:

Pork balls

Sweet and sour pork balls?!

I have never ever heard of anything like it.

Looking at the menu, I realise they sweet and sour EVERYTHING here.

They aren’t even real pork balls.

Real pork balls are made from pork minced into a paste and mixed with some flour. The less flour the better.

But these? They are basically balls of pure flour with a pinky nail-sized piece of pork meat stuffed in the middle of it, then fried and poured over with that generic sweet and sour sauce they have here.

I am very often open to insults and criticisms of Hong Kong/China, but this, THIS; the fact that it’s cooked by Chinese; and the fact that Nasty actually liked it (!!!)…is probably the saddest thing ever.

5 thoughts on “90% of the Sweet and Sour Menu Should Not Exist. Period.


    sweet and sour the gwailous love. and other ‘generic’ oriental style of cooking, like ‘black pepper this-and-that’, or stir-fry this-and-that, or sichuan this-and-that, but they all come out tasting wrong.

    • Of course I remember! I’ve been recommending that place to anyone who goes to KL! I even remember it’s at the end of Jalan Alor by the parking lot! Ahahaha…

      And no, if you do go, don’t tell me! ;)

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