Can we play ice hockey on frozen field hockey pitches?

I traveled across town last night to go to hockey training. It was to be the highlight of my day.

I got out of the station and 5 minutes from the pitch, I’m told that training is cancelled coz the pitch is frozen.


Playing hockey in HK, one of our most common concerns is getting heatstroke. Here, it’s frozen pitches. Damn.
… … …

I’m wearing thermal boots as I write this.

I can’t handle having cold feet all the time anymore. I need something rain-proof and cold-proof, and I found these last week at Tchibo for only about £16! Oh yeah….happy days indeed.

Thermal Boots

They are actually part of a ski range of products. I might as well start wearing ski pants…
… … …

Oh, did you see that? I have a £ sign now! Coooooozzz……I’m using my new computer! Hooray!

Yes, a £323 HP laptop.
… … …

I DESPERATELY need some income.

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