a month, a move, a change, and a milestone

So Nasty and I have been living together for one month.

This is the longest time we’ve been together so far.

Up until this point, we’ve either not seen each other for 1-4 months at a time, or we meet up and see each other 24/7 for days at a time.

Until I’ve moved here, the longest time we’ve been together was 2 weeks.

So up until now, it’s always been all or nothing.

Today I move out. I’ve finally found a reasonably good and cheap place to live.

A little room.

And this marks the start of what I would call Normal Relationship:

whereby a boy and a girl, lives in their own apartments, not a 4-hour flight apart, but only a 35 minutes Tube ride apart; not seeing each other once every 2 months, but whenever they feel like it; not having to scrimp and save just to see each other; not having to spent 24/7 together if they don’t want to.

It’s been long distance for so long, I’m actually quite unsure how to go about this Normal Relationship thing.

I also don’t think Nasty’s quite gotten over it in his head yet. He’s so used to seeing me for intensive periods at a time, and then watching me leave at airports, he still thinks I’m running away.

How often do people in Normal Relationships see each other?

Where do they go?

What do they do?

For so long now, we’ve either eat, sleep, see places, shop, do EVERYTHING together,  or do nothing together at all…what is a compromise?

How will it be knowing that he is so close, and yet not right there with me?


4 thoughts on “a month, a move, a change, and a milestone

  1. How did you and your boyfriend meet? It is quite strange to go from all or nothing to being in a normal relationship. Chris and I had to wait 11 months to see each other, and then were together for 3 months straight, and then another month apart before we were finally able to be in London together. I think you guys are much stronger than a normal couple just for the fact that you’ve managed having to be so far away and constantly around the other person. And congrats on finding a place to live! :)

  2. We met traveling in Vietnam. I was on a trip with a girl friend, and he was on a trip with his buddies….quite a holiday I must say. :)

    How did you and Chris meet? I think it’s amazing how you guys survived 11 months apart! I think 4 months is our maximum…hahaha….

  3. Aw, what a cool way to meet :D Chris and I met through a social networking site similar to Myspace, but we had been friends for like 4 years on the site before anything started between us. Nerdy, I know, but it’s the truth :-P

  4. Wow, that IS indeed nerdy. hahaha. I still find “internet dating” fascinating, esp. when they work out well! My cousin met her husband more or less the same way! :)

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