Transportation in London

The London transportation system is the most unreliable I’ve ever experienced.

Three people die in the Underground a month.

At least that’s what my experience so far tells me. I doubt there is a day that all trains on all lines run perfectly fine.

There is always a “signalling problem” leading to delays.

There is always “a person under a train”, causing entire sections or lines to shut down.

There is always “damage” so that a station is shut down.

I was waiting for a train once, when the following annoucement came up:
“We apologize to announce that the 14:30 train to Fenchurch Street is delayed for 3 minutes…”

Two minuted later: “We apologize to announce that the 14:30 train to Fenchurch Street is delayed for 6 minutes…”

Five minuted later: We apologize to announce that the 14:30 train to Fenchurch Street is delayed for 10 minutes…”

Do not trust bus stops and bus timetables.

Last night, Nasty and I spent 1 hour waiting for a bus that was never going to come. We eventually called Transport for London and was told that routes have been diverted and the bus doesn’t actually stop there. Why haven’t they put up a notice? Or taken the sign down?

We’ve also spent at least 30 minutes waiting for a bus that was supposed to come every 12 minutes.

Some stations do not have Oyster card top-up machines.

The Oyster card is London’s pre-paid card for the Tube, trains and buses. And I would not imagine any station without a top-up machine or convenience store nearby that can do the job.

But I know of one station, where once the station counter service and the convenience store/newstand closes (which is very early), be fucked. Or get ripped off by buying a ticket.

People do not queue for buses.

Just like, oh, China?

Okay, that’s a bit harsh. People probably do not rely on buses as much here and therefore there is no need to. But on certain nights in certain areas, it is, just like China.

… …
It baffles me why, a great city such as London, such poor management is allowed to continue for so long. Don’t citizens complain to a district councillor or other elected officials of some sorts? Who in turn will petition a local government or relevant department, to discuss and fix the problem? How and why do officials get elected if they cannot run their district/borough/city properly?


4 thoughts on “Transportation in London

  1. Seriously, if a line or something is down on the MTR in HK, it will be on the news, there will be annoucements about replacement bus services, plus loads of monitoring from the media and the public.

    Here, the Underground goes down so often that no one pays attention anymore…ai…what the heck.

    Maybe I should console myself with the fact that at least the stations here don’t smell like piss….like those in the Paris Metro! hahahaha….

  2. lol… you should check tfl website before leaving for work or play. i catch the overground for work now as i’m lucky to live between a tube and a train station… i use the tube when i need to stop at sainsbury’s before i get home… transport is rubbish… but i see that you’re settling well… complaining about transport and weather like a true Brit ;)

    welcome to London :)

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