It’s progress

Before I came to London, I often imagined what my life here would be like.

I envisioned myself exploring the city. Visiting museums and seeing sights I’d only be able to see on TV.

To live in London! In LONDON!

I’d have my own little room; I’ll eat tasty good food; I’ll get lost on the Tube; I’ll have fun at my new job; I’ll make new friends; I’ll play good hockey;…oh, it’s all so new and exciting!


Where all the movie stars are! Where the BBC is! Where the Tube got bombed! Crop circles! Stonehenge! Arsenal! It’s what the travel programs show! It’s great! It’s awesome!

… … …

British Museum Courtyard

This is the British Museum.

British Museum Front

Main entrance.

British Museum, Indoors

And this is the largest indoor public square in Europe. It was previously exposed to the elements, until the sky roof was constructed. The round column in the middle is previously the British Library, where Mahatma Gandhi and other notables once wrote and study.

The British Museum is so large and it’s loot collections so vast, Sarah and I didn’t know where to start. We wandered about, sorta lost amongst all the exhibits until, surprise surprise, we were hoarded out again because it was closing.

Gees, I must make a point to go to museums EARLIER.

… … …

Instead of all the wonder and excitement I’d envisioned for myself, I now spend the majority of my days in front of the computer. Searching.

For jobs.

For flat.

For laptop.

Well, notably, I’ve finally found a place to stay, if just temporarily. I’m uber excited about moving in on Monday!

I’ve also just forked out GBP300+ for a laptop. Which is a scary thought, since I can’t decide, and Nasty basically forced me through it. And heck, that’s a lot of money.

Come to think about it, I’ve never actually bought a computer before…

I’m relieved.

I’m so sick of searching for things all the time.

At least now I’ll have my own room; I can put out my alarm clock; I can put up postcards and photos.

I no longer have to live out of my suitcase!


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