This is England

So we were lounging in front of the TV last night at 11pm, channel surfing, when we come across this orgy scene of naked people having a mass fuck.

This show, Sexectera, is on a free channel, on a Friday night, where anyone, from small children to nice Christian ladies, could see.

It’s a factual show produced by Playboy about….what else, sex. So they send “reporters” on sets of a naked version of Survivor; masturbation club nights; sex expos and what-not; where the reporters themselves sometimes participate in the action.

It’s all very explicit, and even with what little is blurred out, it’s down right porn.

Porn. On a free to view channel. Accessed by all.

I found this completely baffling. How is this allowed?

In Hong Kong, RTHK, a government funded broadcaster, once created a documentary about gay/lesbian rights in Hong Kong. Nothing sexual was shown at all. It was a serious documentary, reporting about the difficulties and discrimination LGBTs face in the territory.

That was enough to create a public outcry denoncing the program for showing sympathy to the LGBT community and how it is “misleading” and “wrong”.

Those people are really just stuck-up idiots, but still, you can imagine my reaction to seeing porn on a free TV channel.

Apparently, channels here are allowed to show almost anything after 9pm, which to me, is very early.

In Hong Kong, you’re allowed to show only slightly more sensitive material after 11:30pm. And really just slightly.

Oh, and Nasty’s mom was sitting next to us, asleep.

Where I’m from, I could not see this happening in a million years.


6 thoughts on “This is England

  1. At home in Amurrrrrica we have a channel called HBO which you have to pay to watch. Most of the time it just shows movies, but on certain nights out of the week they show stuff like sexcetera and other sex “documentaries”. I was surprised to see how much cussing there is on English tv by comparison. You aren’t allowed to cuss on American tv unless it’s in a movie, but even then if it’s on a public channel they censor it (not on the paid movie channels though).

  2. Yes, we get HBO in HK too (that is, if you pay for it). But I never knew that they show sex “documentaries”! (Yes, the quotation marks)

    I’m getting the idea that it’s generally more open here, which is great.

    But porn on a normal free TV channel?!!?

  3. Porn on a free channel is really disturbing. No wonder kids today think its normal to sleep around as soon as they’re teenagers. I feel really old now… haha

    In other news, I ended up changing my blog URL to keep an unfavorable person from reading my blog. You should be able to reach me at this new address though (I hope)

  4. Perhaps we should see this in a good light and celebrate open-minded-ness and freedom of information?! hahaha…

    (I’m learning to be upbeat and optimistic you see….)

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