Portobello Market

Sarah, my friend from uni. studying in Canterbury now, came down to London on Saturday to be my Friend-For-a-Day.

Portobello Rd Market

So we headed down to Portobello Market in Nottinghill and that was probably the most crowded place I’ve been to in London yet.

Crowded market

Look at all those people in the road ahead!

Market crowd

And voila. We’re now One With The Crowd.

Antiques store

Portobello seems to have more of antiques than anything else. Old knick knacks are fine, as they’re fun to look at. But there’s also this whole stretch dedicated to jewellery, which we just skipped through…

National Pornographic

Although the selection of t-shirts here is not as large as some other markets in London, I have to say the cheapest t-shirts are found here. I saw a t-shirt here for GBP8 while at Spitalfields Market the next day, the same one went for GBP12. I’ve decided that if I ever want t-shirts, I’m going to Portobello.

And no, I have no intentions of getting one of these. But I think they’re hilarious!

Butcher's shop

The thing about a different country is that you find the most mundane things interesting. So ladies and gentlemen: Here is a butcher’s shop! Yay!

Hog Roast

Hog Roast. First time I’ve ever seen one. They basically put a whole pig on a stick and…roast. Duh.

Primitive, mouth-watering, and deliciously disgusting at the same time.

Hog roasting

C’est le hog.

Unfortunately, by the time we found this place, we have already stuffed ourselves with a seafood platter (GBP3.50) and a cup of churros with chocolate (also GBP3.50). Before that, we had initially sat down in Gourmet Burger Kitchen, but decided that it was too expensive, and then just left to sit outside an American Apparel shoving what is essentially just flour down our throats. These are the days… :)

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