“Yeah, Megan Fox, the fit bird in Transformers.”


Girls, we need a term for the guys. Just as derogatory/animalistic please.


6 thoughts on “Guy-speak

  1. Ugh. My boyfriend and I have a conversation like every other day concerning Shia Labouf (whatever the hell his name is) and how his irritating face manages to show up in every single film nowadays despite being a crappy actor :-P I loathe Megan Fox- the only reason she got that role was because of her “looks” :(

  2. yup. isn’t it appalling.

    there’s a colloquial term where I come from that labels girls ‘betties’. As in:

    I hooked up with the hottest betty last night. She totally rocked my boat and….’ well, we know how that convo continues..

  3. So true, no one has come up with a single derogatory/animalistic term for the guys you asked for!! why?! I can’t think of any either :(Unless it is for something nasty like “you chauvinistic pig dog!” But nothing for the good looking / sweet ones…

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