Natural History Museum

When tomorrow comes, I would’ve been in London for one week now.

Time seems to be passing by real fast when you’re avoiding doing some things…like finding a job.

I haven’t really done much this week. I got myself here, and basically stayed in bed a lot…

Most notably, we went to the Natural History Museum and saw some cool dinosaurs on Nasty’s birthday; then there was his birthday bash on Friday when GBP50 disappeared from my wallet overnight; and then we went out to stroll the markets at Greenwich today. All has been very fun and cool. (Except for the vanishing money bit. That seems to happen when you have no income and in London.)

Hmmm. Here are some bits from the Natural History Museum:

NHM - Entrance hall

That’s the entrance hall. Amazing building.

NHM - Entrance hall 2

The entrance hall again. Viewed from the second floor.

NHM - Dinosaur

A dinosaur’s arse.

NHM - Hanging walk-way

Hanging walk-way.

NHM - Dinosaur shadow


Of course I am leaving out the less interesting bits of the museum. Some of it is actually pretty dodgy and dated, like walking into some exhibition in the 60s or something…

More impressing (not) was when we were browsing through some exhibits in the Earth section when this lady security guard walked up, stood in front of us, and flatly declared: THE MUSEUM IS CLOSED.


We looked at her blankly, waiting for her to continue, like ask us to leave. But she just stood there and declared again: THE MUSEUM IS CLOSED. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a robot.

And as we turned to find the exit, she followed right behind us all the way like we were being marched out, and it felt like we were all of a sudden being thrown out into the cold outside.

That wasn’t very nice.

Under normal circumstances, I believe places like these have annoucements of some sort 15 minutes or so before closing to let us know. And then 10 or 5 minutes before closing and again at closing. You just don’t throw people out like that! Idiots.

3 thoughts on “Natural History Museum

  1. Glad to see you finally made it to London :) My b/f and I went to the Natural History Museum a few weeks ago too. I love the architecture there! One of my favorite parts is the giant sequoia tree trunk on the second floor staircase- it’s amazing.

  2. Sarah: Yeah! The tree trunk was very cool! And Nasty was like: I wonder whose job it is to count all those rings and mark them! Poor dude! lol

    (Oh wait, I think you are studying biology right?! lol)

    Doreen: And that wasn’t the only person to do it to us actually. We tried to escape the lady marching behind us by stopping by the gift shop. And then this gift shop lady came up to us and….THE MUSEUM IS CLOSED.

    Gees. I think some people were very eager to get off work…hahah…

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