All I want for Christmas…

…is yooooou.

No, not you.

I’m talking to the Slanket.

I’m always cold.

In the winter, I slunk around the house in layers, and lounge in front of the tele buried beneath a blanket.

Which is inconvenient if I’m trying to hold a drink, read a book, reach for the remote, pet my cat, or basically do anything without having to relunctantly dig my arms out from underneath the warmth.

Enter the Slanket: the blanket with sleeves.

A giant fleece blanket with oversized sleeves!

I feel all cozy already just thinking about it. I bet I can hang around in them all day…can I go out in them?


(I mean, OF COURSE, this is by no means a hint whatsoever.) *Ahem*.


3 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas…

  1. fab idea!! that or a boyfriend with forever warm hands (NOT SWEATY THOUGH!!!) to hold your book, follow your instructions on the remote, feed you dinner while you are cozy and tucked in under a duvet ;o)

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