Two conversations

(Update below)


Me: There’s this asshole that shaves on the bus.

Girl friend: Eww! WTF?! Who shaves on the bus?! That is so disgusting! Why can’t he just shave at home?… I know! It’s so annoying right? I mean, this is like this other guy I saw the other day and he…



Me: There’s this asshole that shaves on the bus.

Boy friend: Well, don’t get on the same bus as him then.




Update (22 Oct 08):

Disclaimer – With reference to the comments below, the above conversations are entirely fictitious and in no way are exact conversations I’ve had with my girl friends or guy friends. Certainly nothing Nasty has ever said. ;)


5 thoughts on “Two conversations

  1. I really don’t think i ever said that. I know you are entitled to induldge in the creative licence granted to all writers to exagerate to help entertain your loyal readers, but come on, out right fictitious conversations!!

  2. Oh my gosh. Hahahahaha…indeed.

    I never said that those are real conversations, did I? In fact, you are right, they are not. And I never intended them to be. That “girl friend” is no one. And that “boy friend” is no one. They are just representations of guys and girls in general and the way they generally respond to what I say, in general.

    Gosh. I can’t believe I’m even explaining this…should I put a disclaimer the next time I write something? “Please note, all characters and events as follows are all fictitious.”

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