Eating it up

The admin. assistant asks me what I want to eat for my farewell lunch with the company.


These days, people either ask me that, or asks if I’ve packed yet.


I beamed. Pizza Express!

She frowns. But you can get pizza in London right?

Yes. Ok. Fine, we’ll have dim sum then.


I know I’m going to regret saying this in maybe 4 weeks’ time, but right now, I think I’m getting sick of Chinese food.

Uh oh.


I don’t even care if I don’t do farewell lunches or dinners with people anymore. At this moment, 1.5 hours after a big company lunch, the thought of hot-pot tonight with my friends make me puke in my mouth.


I will read this shortly in the future; cold, poor and hungry; unable to cook for myself; stuck with cold English ham sandwiches and ugly sausages; fake Chinese food; and I will SO REGRET what I’ve just said.


4 thoughts on “Eating it up

  1. Chin up!! London has more to offer than cold ham sandwiches!! :o))) I think food in London is amazing and you will find anything and everything you want. Why would Chinatown have fake-chinese? maybe it has, I wouldn’t know.
    Will you have to look for a job when you get there or have you got something sorted already?

  2. Ahahah…well, the Chinese food I’ve had before in Europe were absolutely disgusting, so I don’t have high hopes!

    I’m more worried about the price of eating out there really. In Hong Kong, you can always eat out. I eat out all the time. But it looks like unless you’re rich enough, people cook at home in London. And I can’t cook! :(

    No, I don’t have a job there. Will have to look once I touch down…*sigh*

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