• I realize my right foot is bigger than my left. And it took me so many years to realize this? I always thought it’s something wrong with my shoes…


  • If there is a slacker competition, I’d win by a big margin.  I don’t think I actually start doing anything productive until 2pm every day. That’s probably why we need bosses.


  • I’ve been craving tofu-fa the past week. So much so that I changed out of my sleeping clothes and went out on my own to eat at 11pm last night. Do periods produce insta-craves?


  • I took 2 Americans to hot-pot last Friday. I didn’t realize they’ve never had hot-pot before. Then we ordered dessert, and I realize others can find so many of the foods I take for granted every day to be so wierd/exotic/disgusting. The tofu-fa I’ve been craving? They hated it.


  • We then went to Krispy Creme and Starbucks.


  • I want a bannofee pie. NOW.

4 thoughts on “Recently…

  1. hahaha! You’re right!

    I was trying to think what that stuff is called in English…and somewhere in the great wide internet, they call it tofu-fa and I copied it. Pronunciation-wise, should probably be daufu-fa. hahah…

  2. I take great pleasure experimenting with my favourite Hungarian snacks on foreign visitors. There is this sweet cheese + chocolate bar we all grow up with as the ultimate treat. No Hungarian would EVER turn one down. And I haven’t yet met a foreigner whose face didn’t turn contorted tasting it. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE??? I will never understand :)

  3. Cheese + chocolate? No offense, but I think my face is contorting right now at just the thought of it! hahahah….

    No, seriously, I’ve got to try it if I ever go to Hungary! I’ll let you know whether I really contorted or not…hahaha….

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