Eternally, one week

This is the last day of a week-long experiment.

A week ago Wednesday, I was in some shits and, in a moment of eureka, decided that I will be a grouch that night and whine all I want, but once I wake up the next morning, I will be positive for one week NO MATTER WHAT.

For one week, I will be the eternal optimist. I will be irrationally hopeful. I will be uncharacteristically positive…ON EVERYTHING. No matter what happens.

So. This is the last day, and my intention was to write a list of unpleasant things that happened over the week and then state how despite of them, I still had a great week.

And you know what? I tried.

But I really can’t remember too many bad things that’ve happened. I know there definitely were some, and I would normally remember them, but this week, I was either:

1) so preoccupied with keeping myself upbeat, positive and happy that I can’t recall the shits that’ve happened; or

2) I was so adamant at not being fixated on the negatives that I was forced to find the positive in everything and managed to turn everything bad into good.

Unlike my labs in school, this experiment worked. This experiment worked. This experiement worked!

So go on, ask me about my week. :)

4 thoughts on “Eternally, one week

  1. Funniest experiment I’ve heard!!! :)) Well done for not breaking it!! maybe i should start one too, something like for the next week I’m gonna snog with a man (what man??) every single day…

  2. I think you should!

    I’m the most negative person I know and if it worked for me, it is definitely worth a try. I mean, there’s no harm in trying right?

    Try it for one day even. See what happens. If it’s good, do another! Who knows? :)

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