because it makes me awesome

I got hit in the face by a hockey ball on Monday.

Since it sounds dramatic, and everyone I know who’s got hit in the face before had either a big protruding lump to show for it, or nasty patches of purple all over, I wish I have something similar to show you.

But I don’t.

It’s like I went to battle and have come back with nothing to show for the…oh…pain and fear I endured, and the bravery I displayed. Meanwhile, everyone else is showing off their battle wounds and heroic scars, like these circular, hockey ball-sized, purple prints that everyone else seem to carry.

Part of me wish the entire left side of my face is purple, and my left cheek is swollen much more than it is now, so that I can go, “Look what I got from training on Monday!!” And everyone will go OOOHHH and AHHHH and AWWWW.

But no, I always just get uncool non-visible injuries like: worn-cartilages, stretched-ligaments, sprained neck, mushed up shoulder, and bruises under my lip. Painful as hell, but nothing to show off.

I realize I don’t bruise that easily.

Yeah right battle wounds. I wasn’t even playing. I was sitting off-pitch packing up when the boys decided to throw a ball at my face.

It glanced off me and bounced onto my teammate in the thighs. SHE’s got a big purple bruise.

And me? It hurts just as bad, but all I get is a shrug from my mom. Hmpf.

I went to battle y’all! And I fought just as hard!


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