Beers in Battle Bowls and Trams

Eating out and Chinese food is all the rage for me these days. I intend to get so sick of Chinese food by the time I leave that I will not crave food from home in London.

Awwww…just by saying that, I miss home already.

This great restaurant serves beer in frozen bowls. Those 3 characters say “battle bowl”. Beer wars?

In Hong Kong, you can rent an open-top tram for $2000 – $3000 for a private moving party all over town.

So, after dinner, we decided to create our own by paying $2 each for a public tram ride and bringing up beer and snacks from 7-11 to set up camp at the back of the upper-deck. 

For the most part, we owned the tram!

View from the back windows.

 A tram station.

The trams have been serving Hong Kong since 1904. Cheapest form of transport these days. And a good way to see the city from one end to the other.


Either my friends find me an absolute bore, or they’re drunk.

Maybe it’s just a bad photo. 

I’ll definitely miss nights like these.


4 thoughts on “Beers in Battle Bowls and Trams

  1. That’s such a cool idea to have a party on the tram. I remember seeing a video on youtube where these teenagers dressed up in their Sunday best and brought a portable table and a bunch of food and set it all up in one of the trains. They were kind enough to share the food with the other passengers too :-P

  2. Haha…that’s a good idea. But I doubt that’ll work in HK coz we don’t have enough space on trams for a portable table!

    But something similar did happen to me on a train in France. This guy got on the crowded train alone, took a bottle of wine and a bottle of Coke out of his backpack, along with a whole tube of paper cups. He then started pouring wine-Coke mixes and passing them out to everyone!

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