Four weeks of this? For your sake, I hope not.

She watches the bottom right hand corner of her monitor.

She can’t see the seconds.

The minutes crawl painfully by.

From the clock, she averts her eyes, but caught the calender sitting on her desk instead.

Four weeks.

Four whole weeks.

The month of October stretches out blank, white and empty.

Like a desert of snow, sucked out. Leaving hard, barren, frozen ground.

The wind whips up stranded whisps of powdery grit, and the vastness of the empty hollow looms.

Twenty-eight days of tortured anticipation awaits her.

She claws at her skin

and decides to write about it.


Drama eh?


Point is, I’ve been fine all this time. Basically up until a certain precise minute last night, when I suddenly lost my mind, and in an instant became very bored of waiting, very eager to leave, and very antsy all at once.

To take my mind off it all, I decided to watch Jackass Number 2.

It’s shit.

And I went to bed restless and unsatisfied.


3 thoughts on “Four weeks of this? For your sake, I hope not.

  1. Is it 4 weeks till you move to London? Or is it 4 weeks till you meet someone you are missing? or is it 2 in 1? :) I suppose it’s commonplace but before you move try to cram in a lot of good moments from the here and now, meet up your friends and family and go out. It will help time fly and will make up a lil bit for times when they will be far.

  2. First seeing your comment in my email inbox…I was like, did I comment on my on blog and forgot about it?! heheh.

    Yes, it’s a 2 in 1. ;)

    Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to do. So what I actually did was quit all my jobs and classes to spend more time with my family…only to find I have more time on my hands than I’m used to…hahaha…

  3. I see :)) Funny :)) I did that once, regretted it badly. Too much of a good thing (my family) can be a killer sometimes :))
    Then I suppose you should write your blog, upload photos you have been meaning to upload but never got round it, pick up jogging again, write down your fave recipes only your Mom can cook… There will be very little time to do these things once your life stands upside down on the other side of the pond :) I’m sooo jealous, I wanna go back to London!!

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