Part of last Saturday was spent cavorting about Stanley with my crazy-arse friend Emily.

As time comes closer for me to leave, the more I’m getting all nostalgic about this place called Hong Kong.

Forgive me, but this is the longest I’ve ever stayed in one place.

8 years.

As time passes, the more facination I find in places that I’ve always taken for granted.

In an attempt to preserve memories to bring with me, I’ve been snapping a lot of pictures lately. Like this one of crazy-arse Emily.


I’ve even been snapping pictures of the same bus and same high-way on which I’ve been travelling through for the past 8 years of school, first job, second job, and third job (I don’t know why they’re all located in the same area!). But I doubt you’d be interested in photos of a highway. But wait, who knows? You just might be!


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