To: The Guy That Shaves On The Bus,

I normally do not fault people for being short with knobbly legs, for walking like a duck, or for using super-glue to gel their hair.

But since you are all of the above and you SHAVE ON THE BUS, I think you are short with knobbly legs, walk like a duck, and use super-glue to gel your hair.


You also live just a few floors above me in my building and when I stepped into the lift this morning to see you and your pink shirt with too-long sleeves, I puked in my mouth.


You are always late for work. I know because everytime I see you, you are half-running for the bus. And when you get to the bus stop, instead of standing in line like everyone else, you go to the start of the line so that you’ll get on the bus with no more seats left and stand the 1 hour journey into town.



The buzz-buzz of your shaver annoys me to no end and when you stand in front of me shaving, I’d like to pretend I’m having a nightmare in my seat and kick you in the balls.


And to all those who clip their nails on public transportation, you suck just as much.




3 thoughts on “To: The Guy That Shaves On The Bus,

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