Guys, clean your vulvas

So, I was in Guangzhou the other weekend, and amongst the typical soap and shampoo gear you find in hotel bathrooms, I found this:

Yes, it’s important to keep your private parts clean. With specially designed lotion too. 

I’ve seen things like this in supermarkets and such for women, but this is the first time I’ve seen a guy’s version. Whatever. Equal rights right?

Then I turned the package over:

This is a righted up-close version:

SO. They have this new international anti-virus agent DP300. Fancy eh?

But this said anti-virus agent kills bacteria! Right. Someone either needs to sign up for Basic Biology, or, rather, Basic Common Sense. That is, if there’s anything more basic than common sense.

It also keeps you safe if you happens to have sex with someone who happens to be infected with, um, bacteria.

So yes, dudes, clean your vulvas.


If guys have vulvas, I wonder what we have. I mean, afterall, this is a matter of personal concern. I might not be having the right gear! *gasp*

So I flipped over the Female Sanitary Lotion package and saw this: 

Phew! So I DO have the right stuff!


I am concerned for the men of Guangzhou. Perhaps they are built differently.

My dad is from Guangzhou.


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