You know job interviews are over-rated when…

When you have me as your interviewer.


I was in a job interview today.

For the first time ever, I was sitting on the other side of the desk, as the interviewer.


I was happily clicking away around the internet when the boss suddenly came in and said there is an interviewee I should chat with.



So I sat down, and across from the empty desk is this girl with a nervous smile.

Having been notified just seconds ago, for lack of anything better to say, I said, “Why don’t you introduce yourself.”


As she blabbled away about her employment history and all that, I realized I was actually nervous.

Like how an interviewee will sweat about asking intelligent questions, I was sweating about questions to ask her. What do you ask people in interviews?


At some point, I suddenly realized I hadn’t been listening to her at all. My eyes see this girl with her mouth opening and closing, but in my mind, I was going, WTF? WTF? WTF? What am I supposed to do?


She was talking so much, I decided to just listen and observe.

I see in her all that must’ve been me when I interviewed for jobs past.

She was nervous. She was talking too fast. She was trying very hard to impress.

She’s been job searching since February. She really wants this job. Probably, she just wants a job.


Who in the world’s ever been nervous talking to ME?! Who has ever tried to impress ME?!



Last week, I asked the office administrator how they ended up hiring me when I interviewed for this job over a year ago. She said she vouched for me, purely on the basis that “I looked the type.”

As surprised as I was at this very unscientific way of hiring, I realize my boss and I are doing the same to this girl. We were more interested in just chatting with her, getting a feel for the kind of person she is, and whether that’ll fit in with the job, than her actual previous experiences.


Interviewees, my future self included: there’s no need to be nervous. Either you fit, or you don’t. And really, your interviewers can be just as clueless as you are (if not more).

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