Did you get a parcel in the mail? I did!!!

I meant to put these up more than 3 weeks ago, but I never got round to dealing with my camera and computer and resizing the photos etc etc.

Anyways. Remember how I won a prize on kimandjason.com?

Being me, I forgot about it as fast as I’d won it. Until one night, mom told me that there’s a notice from the post office asking me to go pick up a parcel.

I had my doubts, really. These days, all you get in the mail are bills and crap telling you to borrow money. We hardly ever get anything nice in the mail anymore.

So imagine my ecstatic-ness when the postman handed me this!!!:

Come to think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever received a parcel in the mail before!

I was so surprised, it felt like I’d just won AGAIN! It’s like winning TWICE!

I hesitated in opening it, because I felt like preserving the surprise. I wanted to keep that feeling of happy anticipation for as long as I could.

Gingerly, I cut around the box and sprang the tape open:

And you know what? The best thing about this gift is not the exact single item that I won.

I knew I was getting an old-fashioned aeroplane kit (which is great in itself), but it was the other tidbits of surprises that made my day. :)

First there is one of these things, which I don’t know what they’re supposed to be called. But, in HK, we call them “twisty eggs”: put $5 in the machine and you get a surprise!

It’s funny how, like the twisty-egg machines we have all over town, it’s never really about what’s inside or what you actually get when you open the egg. It’s always about putting that coin in, twisting the knob-handle-thing (?!?!), hearing the click, watching as the egg tumbles down, picking it up and shaking it, guessing what’s inside. It never really matters what you get, it’s the anticipation, the excitement, and the surprise!

Huh? Is it my birthday? And if it is, how do they know it’s my birthday?!

(By the way, when I grit my teeth and managed to open the egg, those things inside flew ALL OVER and I was on hands and knees trying to gather up every bit to put back inside for this photo. Now THAT’S dedication!)

Aha! I think that is awesome. People nowadays are too modest and “grown-up” to tell everyone it’s their birthday. You know how, as kids, we’d run around announcing to anyone who would (be unfortunate enough to) be nearby that “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!”? We don’t do that anymore. We act all grown-up and modest and look-at-me-I’m-all-professional-so-I-don’t-care-about-birthdays while deep inside, we wish someone would give us a surprise birthday party. *hint hint* ;)

So yes, why not tell the whole world it’s your birthday and celebrate?!

A sticker! Yay! (I feel like sticking it onto my [mostly] stuck-up dad’s forehead…)

I think this, by far, is one of the best bits. Nothing fancy. Nothing expensive. But hell, if someone gives me a big roll of these things, I’m gonna wrap myself in it and roll down twenty flights of stairs.

Hmmm…thinking about it, I think I saw some lying around the office somewhere….

So far, I’ve exerted superb self-control in not popping even one bubble. Yet.

And of course, there is the aeroplane kit itself. It looks so much better than those really cheap ones I used to get from the shops across the road. Man, if I had this as a kid?! My brother would’ve fought me for it!! (That’s why he still doesn’t know of this extraordinary package. Shhhhh…)

Nothing beats knowing that you’re a winner! And a personal hand-written note too!

I spent many a nights wondering who wrote it…hmmm

And this, THIS made me feel like I was winning for the THIRD time! Why?

I’d examined every little detail of every single thing in the box, and was feeling a bit bummed knowing that the excitement is over.

So I was emptying everything out, fiddling around with the box and so on, when this bright yellow packet slid out from under some flaps at the bottom of the box! Aha! One more surprise! I felt like I’d just won AGAIN! (Yes, afterwards, I took care to check under and over every single flap in the box. Hey, you never know!)

And the fact that this last hidden surprise is Kool-Aid beats everything else! Nothing could probably remind me more of my childhood in Canada than this. I spent 3 years in grade school in Toronto, and Kool-Aid was a big part of it. It was EVERYWHERE. I remember that there were various uses of Kool-Aid (besides from drinking), and one of the stories was that you can dye your hair with blue Kool-Aid. (I wanted to try. But my hair is too dark. Hmpf.)

Ever since leaving that place 18 years ago, I never saw Kool-Aid again.

I suppose I could’ve found it easily on my work trips to Canada and the US years later, but it just never crossed my mind. I’d forgotten that Kool-Aid existed. Until this day.

That little innocent little packet brought back scores of memories…

So see how I said that it’s always the little things? :)

It’s been almost a month since I got this parcel, but I still keep every little bit of it nicely placed inside the box, unopened, unused, as if the surprises are too precious and I certainly can’t bring myself to open the pack of Kool-Aid, or pop the bubbles.

But as I write this, I realize, hey, this totally is NOT the spirit of the Kim and Jason website is it?! It’s all about having fun, letting yourself go, ripping open presents and being not so friggin’ prissy about keeping every little thing in perfect condition, right?

I have a long weekend coming up, Monday being the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong, and you bet I’m gonna absolutely abuse my prize!! ;)

(Ok, so maybe not all at once ok?! I must be allowed a bit of my neurotic tendencies right?!)


6 thoughts on “Did you get a parcel in the mail? I did!!!

  1. Ah Jason…YOU made my day! Thrice! hehe.

    Yes Sarah, it was way cool. And it still is. Which also makes me realize, most of the things I treasure most aren’t expensive. It’s the people, places, and meanings behind things that make me keep them….

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