Holy beginnings

August 2008 was probably the most frugal I’ve ever been.

I basically spent the last 2 weeks of August doing nothing, going nowhere, and buying nothing.

Come the 2nd day of September, the day before yesterday, when my self-imposed monthly budget was renewed, I found myself turning off my office lights at 6:00pm sharp, marching purposefully down the street, and 10 minutes later, stuffing my face at an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ. I ate so much kimchi I thought I was going to turn kimchi-faced.


I said the last 2 weeks of August because: the first week, at a birthday celebration-turned-disaster-turned-hooker-observation night, I paid for dinner and drinks; and the second week, it was our equally disasterous beach adventure.


Seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever bought NOTHING for such a prolonged period.

Nothing, as in anything personal and unnecessary; like clothes, CDs, movies, popcorn and gummy bears, socks and hair-ties.

Did I just say clothes are unnecessary?!


All my money for the month, which is normally is sufficient for the useless things I buy and adventures to mad beaches, had gone to the British government and my Putonghua lessons.


But amazingly, I’ve also realized that, when you have a strong target in mind, it really isn’t all that hard not spending money. Since I don’t buy that much to begin with, I realize my biggest vice is food and drinks – I am actually quite capable of eating through a large chunk of cash. Consider this: on Monday morning, between a full breakfast and a full lunch, I stuffed 5 cupcakes down my throat, after eating 3 of the same things the previous night just before bed. Uh-huh. I do have a problem huh.


And because it’s the beginning of the month, tomorrow night, the 5th day of September, I will find myself indulging in food and drinks again.

But I know that, by early next week, I will be back to being nowhere and doing nothing again, since another, larger, chunk of money will be going to the British government. Again.  Please pray that I’ll survive the rest of September thereafter.


2 thoughts on “Holy beginnings

  1. sigh. it’s amazing how u can stuff ur face with cupcakes at the rate you’re going, and still be skinny!!! i hatechu!!!!!

    i love cupcakes. and DONUTS! omg. i buy a box of 6, i eat 1 and look at the 5 so lovingly knowing that i will never be able to consume them all :(

  2. Yeah, well, watch me 20 years from now when the Delayed Fat Explosion occurs and I have high cholesterol and need a heart by-pass surgery and then tell me again you’re jealous. You’ll probably be thinking: Serves you right! That’s what you get for stuffing your face all the time! :D

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