Eats, Shoots & Leaves

I’m exposed to more American media than I’d rather be: from TV shows; TV series; CNN news; to novels; magazines; and the internet.

I dare say,  besides from the few blogs of friends that I read, 99.99% of things I read online are American.

Thus, it was very refreshing that I’ve recently read the British-written Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

A friend bought it a long time ago and told me that it sucked; plus, it’s a book on punctuation, of all things! So I never bothered.

But I had nothing to read, found it in a library, and thought I’ll give it a try – and see why in the world a book on punctuation made the bestsellers’ list.

And…I loved it! I think it’s absolutely brilliant!

Not because I’m all that bothered about punctuation, but I think her writing is fantastic, and her dry British humour made me read it more for laughs than anything else.

I don’t think Americans are too impressed by it, since it trumphs British punctuation and and gives British examples and just, really, writes in a very British way; but I found it very refreshing and very witty.

It’s not an instructional book, but more of an extended rant on the state of modern punctuation with bits of history and rules of usage thrown into the mix. It doesn’t get boring at all; in fact, you wouldn’t know how interesting punctuation is and how it all came to be! Ha!

I would read it again, less for the how-to-use-punctuation, but more for a reminder of how different British wit, humour and cynicism is. :)

(I suspect some are going to think I’m biased towards the British now…)


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