Burger off

I’ve recently finished reading Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation.

And it has effectively put me off McDonald’s.

I did not dislike McD’s to begin with. I’m the last health-nut you can think of.

There was a period of several months, when my usual breakfast cook (aka, mom) went away for holidays, I was eating 2 hash browns and a hot chocolate from McD’s a few mornings a week.

But ever since reading that book, I couldn’t bring myself to put a hamburger in my mouth.

Believe me. I tried.

When I’m tired of figuring out what to eat for lunch, I sometimes walk over to the nearby McD’s. I went in there twice on two separate occasions, but wasn’t able to bring myself to pay for anything.

A whiff of the burgers was just too much.

I’m not eating it anymore not because I think it’s unhealthy, or unsanitary, or whatever. But after reading what is essentially the entire history of the fast food industry, how they shaped the American economy, how they affected labour practices, how they changed the agricultural landscape, and how a burger or a fry comes to be, you just sort of go, right, I think I’ve read enough and I now know too much to eat at McD’s again.

Though I’m not sure how long until I forget how cows are slaughtered (I am aware animals are killed for food. What I didn’t know was how modern slaughter houses function…the dangerous jobs inside, the illegal immigrants with mangled limbs, how diseases spread, etc etc), how burgers can be thawed tasteless things because there is actually a food additive that makes a burger smell like a burger, and how franchises work (and doesn’t work), knowing me, I’ll probably pick up at least some fries soon.

(OMG, as I am typing this, my colleague walks in with a big sheet of newspaper clipping of McD’s coupons!)


2 thoughts on “Burger off

  1. McD is disgusting and I hate everything they make and represent. Except on days when I have a heavy hangover…. They have a cure for that, I swear. It is probably all the foul additives and fat they have in their burgers that burdens your liver more than the alcohol from the night before that makes you feel actually alright.

    Yuck. Just thinking about it makes me gain weight.

  2. Haha…wierd seeing a comment from a “Dora”. My first thought was…wait, did I write something in the comments already?! Is my memory failing me now?! Is this is beginning of the end?!…… ;)

    I’m guessing foulness cures foulness eh? That reminds of a night out a while ago, we were drunk and someone decided that McD’s is the cure and brought back 3 hamburgers and began feeding us. Half-way through a burger, one of the girls proclaimed that it was actually the first McD’s she’s had in 4 years, and she couldn’t believe she’s fallen into it again, and blamed it on the girl who fed us in the first place.

    I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who’s gone without McD’s for that long!

    And yes, right now, McD burgers are just foul!!!

    (Funnily enough, I went home the day after writing this, to find my mom offering me the same McD coupons my coworker was stuffing at me earlier in the day!)

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