The Olympics are ruining my life

Remember how I said I couldn’t wait for the Olympics to be over?

Ok. Maybe not.

But right now, it still holds true, but for different reasons.

Every night I go home now, instead of Moving to London, job searching, washing my bras, reading my books, practicing my Putonghua, or otherwise having a constructive relationship with my brother, I lounge in front of the TV, watching Olympic reruns.

I watch Kobe Bryant dunk basketballs over Yao Ming’s Team China.

I watch Michael Phelps break world records and become the most successful Olympian ever.

Of course, I watch Phelps for other *ahem* reasons too.

I watch the Chinese Men and Women win overall team gymnastics gold medals.

I watch the short Mongolian throw the much taller Kazakhstani to the ground in Judo.

Not that I know anything about Judo. Or gymnastics.

Or swimming.

Except that swimmers look great.

I watch Great Britain play the Netherlands in men’s field hockey.

And then get disappointed because the game ended 5 minutes after I’ve just discovered it.

And then I stay up late to see if they’ll show some diving, more Phelps or a snippet of hockey.

And more Phelps.

I can’t wait for the Olympics to be over, so I can get back to Normal Daily Life.

(Oh, did you know Phelp’s website is in 2 languages? Just two. And they are: English and Chinese.

Interesting he’s got it in Chinese….maybe I should look into it some more….)


3 thoughts on “The Olympics are ruining my life

  1. Hi Dora! Thanks for popping into my blog the other day :) Nice blog you have here! I think it’s the entire world that stopped acting normal to watch breathlessly Michael Phelps winning everything he could possibly win. It is a lovely Olympics and in 20 years you’ll treasure these great memories more than the moments when you washed your bras, jobhunted or stayed in for a quiet evening.

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