Frump Town

Standing in the elevator of my office building, surrounded on all sides by full-length reflections of myself, I had a sudden revelation:

I dress like a frump.

Only for work. Of course.

I dress like a 45 yo frump.

A 45 yo work frump.

I walk out onto the streets at lunch, and the whole of commercial Hong Kong turns into Frump Town.

All the dudes look identical in their pastel-coloured shirts and dark pants and all the females look identical in their pastel-coloured shirts or knitted tops and dark skirts/pants.

It’s scary. Hordes of us spill out across a zebra crossing like herds of corporate cows crossing a stream to feed.

It’s like George Orwell’s 1984 albeit with a bit of fashion sense.

I look like a frump at work because:

  • my mom, for reasons only moms will know, loves buying work skirts for me. And all of them are past knee lenght.
  • they are all past knee length because I have a big arse and the only way I can stuff my underside into any of them is to buy them a size or two too big.
  • so the waist-bit of the skirts end up resting on my hips.
  • and the above-knee bits end up resting below my knees.
  • also because work clothes are expensive.
  • and they wear out very quickly.
  • which, to a normal girl, means an excuse to buy more work clothes.
  • but which, to me, means it’s futile to buy more work clothes.
  • i have a few work tops i love.
  • and i wear them ALL the time.
  • with those frump-skirts.
  • there. That’s why I look like a frump.

I obsessively separate work attire from normal attire.

I will get out of my way to not wear work attire on a non-work day.

It’s too painful to be reminded.

But I think I do need to do something about my frump-work wardrobe.

I need to elevate myself beyond Frump Status.

Like wearing a pencil skirt with a slit up the side of a thigh.

Hookers are not frumps right? At least there are people I can look up to.


2 thoughts on “Frump Town

  1. don’t separate your work and normal attire! some mix and match allowed. sometimes i wear a dressy party top with slacks or work skirt, under a coat/blazer.

    OMG. my mom also bought me a coupla skirts, and they all fall below the knee. yup, frump level up as well. slits at the side definitely works. get and get yourself something shorter!

    and ur bottom isn’t THAT big ok. do u need to come down to KL and have a look at mine again? geez, some people!

  2. heh. Everything is relative eh?

    And, often times, how you see yourself is really how other people see you, and what other people say about you on a daily basis.

    Most people here laugh at my arse – because I keep giving away shorts, pants and skirts that don’t fit me anymore.

    We should move to America! I’d be supermodel-gorgeous and be accused of being anorexic! woohoo!

    Will cautiously investigate mixing cool clothes with *gasp* work clothes….

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