sick cat

Took my cat, who normally acts like this….

….to the vet for surgery to remove a growth on her belly, and she comes back like this:

and this:

This must be one of the most heart-rending things I’ve had to see in a while.

To see your normally perky and noisy ball of fur reduced to a very still and very quiet clump is an extremely sorry sight.

Doesn’t help that, before the surgery, the doctor told us that animals, “unlike humans, rebound very quickly and come out of surgery as if nothing’s happened before!” *pumps arms up in the air* . Yeah? Really. Kiss my cat’s fat smelly arse now.

It also doesn’t help that, this furball that I usually bury my face into, now smelling like piss, puke, and canned tuna with bile, suddenly jumps onto your back in the middle of the night and insists on sleeping with you. And proceeds to take up half of your bed and refuses to bulge.

And when you try to move her, she just, well, look at you with those big sorry eyes and you end up telling yourself, hmmm, maybe I can sleep with some piss and puke for once…on one-third of my mattress….

Just as you drift away into sleepland, your mom walks in, calling for cat, asking if cat wants to eat. Cat understands and responds by meowing. Mom responds in turn by telling her to come out and eat. Cat doesn’t move, but continues to meow. She wants to eat. Mom continues to coax her in cat language.

There I am, 5 hours till yet another work day, stuck between a smelly cat and a meowing human….

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