I won! I won!!!

I’ve never won anything before.

As in supermarket draws, magazine answer-this-question-and-earn-the-chance-to-win-a-free-Nintendo contests, the lottery, scratch cards from 7-11, raffle prizes at the school charity fund-raiser, call-this-number-and-answer-that-question contests, etc.

Not that I really bother to do much of those things anyways.

Until I start answering some questions online just for the heck of it, because I feel I want to write something, and because it was almost lunch time at work and I was thinking of London.

And guess what? I WON!!!!

No, I did not win a plane ticket to London, but I did win an old-fashioned assemble-an-airplane kit!!!

AHA! Must be the Law of Attraction at work!!!

Every Thursday, Kim and Jason gives out little fun prizes by asking a question and picking a winner from the questions. This is the question they asked this week, I answered, and the rest is history. (You can see my answer there too.)

Keywords: Lunch and London. Which basically sums up the majority of my thoughts at work…hmmm

Oh, and I WON!!! Woopee!!


3 thoughts on “I won! I won!!!

  1. Hahaha….

    Sometimes, it’s not what you win that gave you the satisfaction.

    It’s the fact that you win something, right?

    I totally understand coz I’m one of those people who joined those whatever crap contest and don’t even win any crap out of it!!!

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