From the bottom of my arse.

Not many days to go until the Olympics, Beijing shuts down entertainment venues, install x-ray machines at all subway stations, search bags on buses, round up dissidents, beggars, the homeless, and the mentally ill and give them “treatment”, and of course, throw journalists to the ground.

This made news all over Hong Kong a little over a week ago. I’m sure people in China have no idea, and I doubt it made the news anywhere else. Press freedom? My arse.

Not too long ago, Beijing has also been so kind as to set up “protest zones” that people can apply for permission to use. These zones are to be set up in public parks.

So HK reporters went to these parks and ask the security guards there how the zones will be set up and what sort of measures there’ll be at the parks. The guards have no idea areas of their parks will be designated protest zones…if they really will be.

As reported in the SCMP today, in order to test whether the government is genuine about the protest zones, some groups tried to apply for permission. Instead, they weren’t even given the chance to hand in their forms. Officials showed up and put them on the next train back to their hometowns.

As great as this whole Olympics things is, I can’t help but hope that something will happen and the whole thing falls apart. The state that China is now? We don’t deserve it.


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