Love from Bali

We bought a coupla drinks from this waiter; my friend requested What’s Going On from the live band; we sang and clapped along; when the band retires for the night we followed the waiter through the back to this reggae club with another live band and a dancefloor full of barefeet, dreadlocks, oversized hemp shirts and flinging arms; where we sat, drank and stared; then we left to go back to the hotel on a motorcycle; and promptly got ripped off.

This is what I got from that night in my email inbox:

Hi.girl i’m very well,how about you?i hope you are feel good……… the way,when you came back again here?.may i say what inside my heart to you,i couldt’n forgot about you, when we can spend more time together…………..i really miss you!take care urself………….love…….z[xxxx]

Hmmm….interesting, since he spent the entire time hitting on my friend.

What on earth brings dudes to write things like that to strangers? What do they expect? I declare my undying love for him too? Because he sold me a gin tonic and a few Bintangs?

Thinking about it, why did we not get free drinks?

Probably because I couldn’t be bothered to listen to his explanation that bintang means stars in the sky. Or something like that.

I wonder what he wrote her.

And why wouldn’t I be surprised if she actually wrote him back?

Oh, and I DO feel good. Thank you very much.




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