Wanna piss me off? Rip me off.


First, The Great Kingdom charges HK$1905 for a useless British National (Overseas) passport that gives you shit rights to anything Kingdom-related.

Then, they charge you HK$3280 for a Working Holidaymaker visa.

How am I supposed to go on “holiday” when I’ve spent half of my funds before I even set foot in The Kingdom? Actually, before I even know if they’ll let me do so in the first place.

Fucking EXTORTION, I tell ya.

This is one of those blue moons when I’ll go YEAH CHINA! and wave the chinky red and yellow flag.

Go ahead and continue creating Visa Hell for Americans and the English. While you’re at it, please increase whatever it is you charge them too. Don’t forget to interrogate them. Finger-print them. (Ten digits please. If they do not have the complete set, do the toes.) Get their biometric iris-data shit. Oh, and just for the hell of it, why not test if they’re obese too. With purported food shortages in certain areas, you wouldn’t want them eating most of your food now, would you?

This is what my mother and brother would say: Do Unto Others As They Do Unto You.

Go to hell.

I think I am having PMS.


One thought on “Wanna piss me off? Rip me off.

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