Kuta Beach, Bali

Finally back in HK after a week in Bali and Jakarta.

Kuta Beach and Bali was amazing.

Kuta is apparently one of the most touristy and commercialized beaches in Bali. So imagine all the other more remote beaches and smaller islands around Bali that I am missing!

Coming from HK, and being on a work trip, I was just glad that I get to be on a beach at all…so Kuta was great enough for me.

Nope, no clear emerald green waters or little fishies a la Thailand or Malaysia….but hey, after all, this is a surfing destination! What do you expect?!

This is one of the places that I hope I’ll be able to go back to for a proper vacation….stay in a villa, and rent a motorbike to explore the island. It’s so big, so many beaches, temples, caves and rice terraces to visit….and it’s so relaxed and chilled out.

(Note: I suppose Indonesia has achieved it’s purpose of holding the meetings there….draw in visitors and foreign money; showcase the island; and hope people will tell friends and family about it and come back….)

The carefree days of kid-hood….

Surf boards are apparently a mode of goods-transportation too. At first, I thought this guy was transporting some stuff to a boat anchored further out at sea….and then I realized there are no boats out there…

….when it got deep enough, he got on his board with his sack of stuff and started paddling.

Because of the light, I couldn’t see where he was paddling to, or where he ended up. Maybe he went out to fish?

But being the romantic (that I’d like to think I am), I’d like to imagine that he paddled off into the sunset.


Kids. I wish I could be one of them again.

The people of Bali are surprisingly friendly.

Well, I’m not sure what I was expecting, but, to be honest, my impression of Indonesia hadn’t been all that good, so having people smile and say hello to me was a nice surprise.

While standing in the surf and taking pictures, one of the little girls bounced up to me with this great big smile just to beam “Hello!”.

It was certainly a nice change from all the begging; being ripped off; people trying to sell you “mushrooms”; cat calls from Aussie boys and local dudes on the beach who give you that perverted look and “Hi! Where are you going?” line. *sigh*

How often, anywhere, that people come up to you, just to give you one of the biggest and most sincere smiles you’ve ever seen, just to say hello?

We adults certainly don’t do that. Heck, I’d probably think you’re a creep! (like those dudes) (but what if they were sincere as well?) (ok. stop….)

But this girl bounced in front of me, beamed, then ran right into the surf and disappeared into the sea. As simple as that, she gave me one of my best memories of Bali.

The surf.


A game of football on the beach.

Views like these…makes me think my job is worthwhile.


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