Greetings from Kuta Beach, Bali!

Am currently here for work.

Finally back in Indonesia-land after 11 years…

It’s unbelievable…thinking what it was like back then, and how so much has changed since then.

It’ll probably be even more weird when I get to Jakarta on Friday.

Kuta Beach and my hotel faces west, which makes for spectacular sunsets…

Kuta’s also apparently one of the premier surf spots in Bali.

Internet cafes here are hard to find and incredibly slow…took me 1.5 hours to upload these few photos….

So I give up!


5 thoughts on “Greetings from Kuta Beach, Bali!

  1. Well, cannot agree less that kuta’s sunset was a marvel itself. we loved it!

    On our visit though kuta was suffering from the rain season and the beach was full of dirt, plastic garbage bags, dead fish and god knows what.

    Indonesia is a nice experience for sure, but for sure we did prefer Ubbud in Bali.

    • Oh oh! I’ve never been to Ubud! I’ve always wanted to go there since reading Eat, Love, Pray!

      Well, good to know it’s good and I’ll put it on my list for whenever the hell I do make it back there again!!

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