Law of Attraction: In Practice

This is me being excited:

The Secret says, ask the universe, and you will receive.

Ok. There’s a bit more than that.

In short, it’s a highly re-packaged and cleverly marketed “secret” based on positive thinking and the law of attraction.

Basically, the more positively you think and feel about something, the more likely that you will achieve what you want.

You will be more motivated to do things to reach your goal, you will talk more to people about it, who may lead you to opportunities you hadn’t yet known, you’ll be more proactive in searching out ways to get there, etc etc.

However, according to The Secret, it is the more you ask the universe for something, and think and feel your success as if you’ve achieved it, the universe will re-arrange itself to give you what you want.


Well, in times like these, I figure there’s no harm in trying.

Plus, forgetting the universe, re-arrangements and quantum physics (?!), it really is just positive thinking, self-reaffirmations, and moving forward, right? I can certainly use a bit of that!

Think it. Feel it. Look it.

The steps are: Ask, Answer, Receive.

I asked.

And asked.

And asked.

I thought, and I felt, and I looked.

I searched, I talked, and searched some more.

Then I went to the mall to get some food, glanced at a clothing store……and saw that t-shirt.


My jaw just dropped.

Of all things people can print on t-shirts, they printed THAT.

According to a friend, it’s a sign! An answer!

So, yesterday, I paid HK$60 to answer it.

Don’t ask about the hat.

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