campy waiters, modeling, and banoffee pies

Was chilling about Central and Soho on a Friday night with Emilie and we decided to muck about with my camera while at the Brunch Club.

This place seems to have gotten bigger since the last time I was here.

Not physically. But egoistically.

Got very bad service from this extremely campy dude.

Nothing wrong with being campy. But this dude was just an asshole.

Plus, my all-time favourite Banoffee Pie seems to have gone downhill too.


Anyways, that wasn’t my point. My point was that we were mucking about with my camera.

(And yes, it’s a bit sucky now, that place. But, hopefully, these pictures show why we go there.)

Great lighting eh? So I decided to play model.

Only that I couldn’t stop grinning.

This is a highly suppressed grin. And giggle.

In the end, I actually started really reading the book and ignored Emilie’s antics.


Not bad eh? Except we both got a case of shaky hands.

I told Emilie not to breathe.

She thinks it’s ridiculous.

I said all photographers do it. (Hey, what does Emilie know right?! Eheh.)

Then we both had had enough of modeling and ordered our Banoffee Pie from the campy dude.

Who shook his arse and flailed his hands everywhere.

I shuddered.

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