Of all things…it’s the MILK!

What I miss most about the UK right now is….Crunchy Nuts.

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cereal.

I never really liked cornflakes. They were always either tasteless, or too sweet.

However, Crunchy Nuts was just right! Not too sweet, a bit nutty, and everything was great!

We ate it a lot of mornings for breakfast. I could eat lots of it. I once ate it late afternoon near dinner time. And then ate dinner.

And so, just one day after returning from the UK, and feeling nostalgic about my trip, I went to the local supermarket to search for it.

To my expected dismay, they do not have it.

However, I found this:

Kellogg’s Honey Crunch Cereal.

Aha! It’s also by Kellogg’s, are corn flakes, and with honey and peanuts too! It’s exactly the same! Must the Crunchy Nut for the Chinese/Asian market!

So I happily hugged it home, picking up a carton of milk along the way.

Later into the night, I felt hungry and decided to try it out.

Pour the corn flakes….pour the milk…munch munch munch.

Initially, I was ecstatic. It’s the same! The cereal is exactly the same!

But then I realize there’s a different aftertaste to it. But fine. It’s ok. Not that big of a deal. I guess.

But after that first 30 seconds or so, I realized to my horror that everything is not the same!

Because of the MILK!

The MILK tastes different!

The MILK is horrible here! Oh my gosh!

I suddenly realized what Nasty meant when he said that tea in China just doesn’t taste the same, even though he had brought along his tea bags from home. He said it was because the water tastes different, and the milk tastes different.

At that time, I thought, how can milk be different?! Milk is milk right?

But no, ladies and gentlemen, believe me, the milk we get here, compared to that in the UK, is HORRIBLE!!!!

Absolutely horrible!


I don’t know how I will ever drink milk again in this country!!!

If you are so kind, please send me some British Crunchy Nut and real British milk!!!

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