It’s good to be back!

Either two weeks out of my heels have caused me to forget how to walk in them again, or that the prospect of going back to work is so daunting, that I was thisclose to falling face first onto the pavement getting out of my bus this morning.

But of course, due to my athletic ability and my talent for no reaction and zero facial expressions, I gracefully gripped the handles on the door, pulled out my wedged heels and stumbled onto the sidewalk instead. Like nothing ever happened!

And into the pouring rain.

Ah…it was pissing when I left, and it’s still pissing when I return. Just like I’ve never left!

Must be the 131 emails waiting in my inbox inadvertently sending messages to my brain this morning: Don’t come back…dont’ come back…don’t come back…face plant yourself on the sidewalk and don’t come back….


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